Our Company

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation is a leading producer of semi-fabricated aluminum products. Manufacturers and major suppliers around the world look to Kaiser to deliver highly engineered solutions for their most demanding aerospace, packaging, automotive and industrial applications. The reason is simple: we adhere to the same strong commitments to quality, innovation and service today as when the company was founded in 1946.


Kaiser operates 13 production facilities across North America. Collectively, these facilities allow us to produce an impressive range of value-added plate, sheet, coil, and extruded products. This latter category includes extruded shapes as well as rod, bar, tube, forged stock and wire products.


Additionally, we have a facility that focuses on multi-material advanced manufacturing methods and techniques, which include multi-axis computer numerical control (“CNC”) machining, additive manufacturing (“3D Printing”), welding and fabrication.


Each of our facilities specializes in manufacturing products for specific industries, allowing us to not only develop a deeper understanding of each market but also differentiate our processes to more efficiently meet the needs of our customers operating in those markets. Our commitment to continuous improvement is a big reason customers turn to Kaiser Aluminum time and again to deliver effective, innovative solutions. In fact, many customers have been with us since our founding.


The fact is, our customers know there’s something different about the way we do things at Kaiser. They recognize our dedication to developing leading-edge solutions is backed by an uncommon commitment to good old-fashioned customer service and an uncompromising passion for exceeding expectations. It’s not an experience that’s easy to find these days. But it is The Kaiser Experience.